Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Forgot the "BEFORE" pics!

Good morning! I was thinking about the blog I posted yesterday while I was finishing up my permit application (that's right Steve...I am turning it in today!) and remembered that I did not attach the pics of the master bedroom or its bathroom "before" I started the remodel. So...here they are. You should be able to see from the fotos the beautiful crystal chandelier, the flocked wall paper, the marble sink with iron legs, the lead glass windows, the beautiful wood floors, the cedar closet, and lots of "stuff" left behind for me to sift through! When looking at the foto with the chandelier, you may be able to see how the ceiling and dropped from the weight of the light and the roof. That is the area that we had to jack up and reinforce so that it would not cave in. You can also see that the fireplace is completely covered up by plaster and wall paper. (Well...not any more!)

Hey...one fun fact that I just learned from Howard Ayers, Jr....all of the wall, floor and ceiling joists/beams are made from black walnut. I knew they were not oak but I was not sure what tree they were made from...now I know. Black walnut. Can you even buy black walnut anymore?

I also have a question for anyone out there that might be able to help. Does anyone know someone who has the ability and knowledge to clean crystal chandeliers?

                                                            MASTER BEDROOM

                                                         MASTER BATHROOM


  1. Are people able to tour the inside of the property to see your progress on the restorations? What an awesome home

  2. My mom had a crystal cahndelier that she cleaned while it was still hanging. She put down a tarp or even a plastic tablecoth to catch the drips and just used a bucket of dish soap and water. I have an Italian red glass chandelier from Murano that partially disassembles, so I clean those parts in my sink with dish soap (lining the sink with a towel to prevent breakage) and then clean the parts left hanging with a soapy rag. I live on the south side of Lafayette and would help you clean yours if you want. But I'm certainly not a pro.

  3. So glad to see someone has bought this great old house and is restoring it - my husband and I have driven past this house for years and have always wished someone would rescue it!! Loved the article in today's paper, and I look forward to following your progress on the blog. I did have one question for you - some of the photos show the wallpaper hanging down in places - if you are planning to strip the walls of the paper, would it be possible to get some scraps from you -I would like them for some collage work. I would appreciate it very much - I would be willing to come and take some of it down myself instead of asking you to do it for me. Thanks for your consideration. Good luck with the restoration - we will look forward to the open house! Annette Deardurff

  4. As a kid, I was tasked with helping my Mom clean the chandeliers. Soapy water is good, and I would add some vinegar to the wash water as well. We would rinse in plain water but today I would add a few drops of dishwasher Jet-Dry as a rinse agent. Lay the pieces out to dry and dab with a lintless cloth. They'll look great! Congrats on the house.... you were meant to have it :-) Garry Chilluffo, Indianapolis

  5. I think that this is great! I love the historical aspect of Lafayette, and am glad to see something being fixed up instead of torn down! I would even love to help be hands on if possible! You are doing a great job, can't wait to see the finished product!