Monday, January 30, 2012

Permit? What's a permit?

Hi Guys. Well...I got a visit from the City of Lafayette and apparently I need a permit for some of the stuff that I have been doing. I didn't think that I needed one yet for the work that I have done thus far...but I knew I was going to need one eventually so I guess NOW is as good as ever. Maybe I shouldn't be posting my work on the web????? Don't worry...I am not removing the blog. (that one was for Jenny and Steve!).

So we have continued to remove any disintegrating plaster and some of the old wall paper. Wow...that old wall paper does not want to come off! I started on the Master bedroom. We have uncovered the old fire place and the plaster from the ceiling. The ceiling was beginning to sink due to the beams spanning over 20 feet and the weight of the roof pushing down on it. We solidified the seven central ceiling joists with 12 foot treated 2 by 8s on either side. Now that ceiling is strong and can take anything. Yes...Jenny and Steve...I do realize that is structural but it had to be done or the ceiling was going to cave in. We removed the jacks and the ceiling is all better and ready to be recovered.

                                                      CHANDELIERS IN THE BATHROOM?

                                                ME AND MY HELPER

                            WORK IN THE ATTIC ABOVE THE MASTER BEDROOM

                                          FIREPLACE IN THE MASTER BEDROOM UNCOVERED!

                                        WE SAVED THE CEILING AND SAVED THE BEDROOM!

I hung all of the crystal chandeliers from the three bedrooms on the shower curtain rod so that they would not lay flat and break any of the crystals. Also, we are ready to start upgrading the electrical as soon as I get a permit to do so. A lot of it does not need to be changed but there are some areas that I simply want to be sure.

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