Monday, January 9, 2012

First bedroom half-way done!

The first bedroom project is about halfway done. All of the damage that was done by rain water has been removed and replaced with new wood. All of the wall and floor beams are now solid and supported. The floor has been re-sheeted and new insulation installed in the walls and ceiling where it was missing. I have removed some of the old plaster from the chimney stack to expose some of the brick and will leave it this way to give the room a different look. All of the loose paint has been scraped away and the trim/molding removed. I should be able to get the new drywall installed in the next couple of days on the walls and ceiling. I still need to remove some very old wall paper from two of the walls. Any suggestions on the easiest way to do this? Windows will be removed, refinished, and re-installed. Paint and carpet will be last with some electrical upgrades.

Sorry...forgot my camera. Will attach photos later this week.


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  2. That must be a good feeling to remove the rain damage and get it patched up to prevent more. I like the exposed brick.

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  3. i am LOVING all the renovations! i have been driving by this house for the past 5 years and i used to tell myself i wanted to fix that place up so bad!! the history behind the house is amazing! i am so glad someone is taking the time to properly renovate! as for wallpaper, my parents use a steamer, it heats up the old nasty glue and peals right off.