Monday, February 6, 2012

Room with a View!

Good morning! I want to start this session off by saying thank you to J/C Columnist Dave Bangert for writing such a wonderful piece on my house and to John Terhune for his great photos. What luck that Howard and his wife, Joan, happen to be there on the day that the Journal and Courier was doing their piece. There is so much history in the house that I am really excited (and honored) to have the opportunity to renovate this grand structure back to what it used to be. The only correction that I would make is that I approached Howard 12 years ago (not 6) while he was working on the porch and I asked him if the house was for sale. He politely told me "no". But the funny thing that when he and Joan came to meet me for dinner at my house for the first time, we spoke of that moment and he remembered me from that brief encounter. This guy has one hell of a memory...especially when it comes to the history of the house. So with that said...thank you to all who have commented on my blog, drive by and honk and/or wave, and stop by to say hello. Yes...there will be an open house at some point...I just am not sure when that will be yet. Hopefully sometime in the spring/summer.

Updates: Work has moved a little slower this past week due to some unavailability of a couple of friends who were injured in a car accident...two separate ones no less. So...Michael...Chuck...I hope you are feeling better. I spent a good part of the week removing debris and items that can not be saved and have already filled one dumpster and am working on the second one. By the way...the WINSKI dumpster is from the Winski people in Lafayette. So thank you to JOEL STILLER AND SHERMAN WINSKI! I was able to make some additional space in the bedroom facing 9th know...the one with that great balcony. I took down the old, dirty curtains and it is amazing the amount of light that room gets in the afternoon. The lead glass looks amazing. I was also able to remove the rest of the plaster from the chimney stack in the library so we are now reading to run the electrical and then start covering the walls and ceiling. We also put up the new ceiling in the second bedroom.

                                                           9th Street Balcony Room (before)

                       9th Street Balcony Room (after I removed the curtains and some of the "stuff")

                                                  Brick Chimney Stack in Library

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  1. Feeling a lot better, Thank You Mr. Dekker. I'm ready to get back at it again.