Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Everything must go!

Hi again. Well...I have removed most of the plaster off the chimney stack in the second bedroom and uncovered the old fire place that used to be visible. It had been plastered over and I will leave it exposed...along with the remaining brick. I removed two layers of floor boards that were rotted. The floor joists underneath were in remarkably good shape. Wow...they really knew how to make a house back then. Some of the two and half inch thick oak beams are notched to fit into one another along with some old water soaked, round Amish pegs...in lieu of nails. Very neat. I removed the old cement hearth, reframed that area and dug out the old fireplace. Not sure what to do yet with this room. May leave the out wall as exposed brick. There are two beautiful brass and crystal sconces that hang on the fireplace as well. Here are some photos for the progress in the room.

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