Saturday, March 17, 2012

Who Wants to Help Cut a Tree Down????

Good morning, everyone! is 5:15 am on a saturday morning and in lieu of sleep, I am doing dishes, laundry, making breakfast for Julian while he watches cartoons, and updating the blog. Actually, we have been up since 3:30. Oh well....I am getting things done around the house before I head over to the State Street house to work ALL day long!

For those of you who have been driving by recently, you will see that we have been doing a lot of work on the rotunda. I had to almost completely reframe the interior of the rotunda but it is definitely stronger than what it was. I removed some of the fascia, soffit, and corbels yesterday on the rotunda...completely rotted. I am starting to wonder if I should have just torn the whole thing down and started over. Will continue to install new wood to support all of the replacement soffit and fascia.

We have also been moving forward on the plumbing as well. Wow! It is amazing what standing water in verticle pipes will do over 60 years. Rust!!!! So...for the health of my family and my sanity...we are replacing every single pipe in the basement. I never realize how many pipes were in this house until I had to replace all of them. Holy Sh*#! explain the title of this post...I am looking for volunteers who have knowledge and experience on how to cut down a tree. A big tree. And it is right next to our house. is leaning away from the house but it is a really big tree. I have cut down trees before but not this big. And...I don't really want to spend thousands of dollars to do it. So...for any of you out there who have the skill and the time to help me get this job done...I would greatly appreciate it. I am not even quite sure what kind of tree it is but you are welcome to the wood if you want it. By the way...did I mention that it is a really big tree?

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