Friday, March 9, 2012

The Roof is done!!!

Believe it or not...the three of us knocked out 99% of the roof in two days! Jeff and Michael of Ashton Contracting even convinced me to keep going until 7:30pm on Wednesday ( the dark...way, way up on the roof) to complete it. I am glad we did because the roof looks fantastic! We buttoned up the flat parts with plastic until warmer weather so that I can install some rubber roofing...but the biggest part is done! Thanks to Jeff and Michael for the hard work!

Now...for those of you who can see that the color of the shingles is a mix of red, gray, and black...can you guess what color I am going to paint the house?


  1. That's a good question. I'm thinking you can use a rustic brown color for your house. That will definitely complement the dark color combination of your shingles. Am I right?

    Santo Caridine

  2. Try using white colored roofing. Instead of absorbing heat, light colored roofs reflect it. It’s very ideal during the summer, as it can have a cooling effect on your home.

    Kip Whitehead

  3. I think you have already painted the roofs, but let me join the game. :D Judging from your house’s exterior, I think a dark gray or black paint will be great colors. I also saw that the sidings are light-yellow in color (I think it’s close to cream). When you hadn’t repainted it yet, I assume its original paint was brown that made the house appear larger. Hope to hear some updates soon!

    Joann Winton

  4. That’s very impressive work, considering you finished the roofing in just two days and there were only the three of you working on it! You, Jeff, and Michael certainly did a great job, not to mention quick too! And from the looks of it, the roof is going to be sturdy and durable. Anyway, what color did you paint the house? In my opinion, the color should blend with the color of the roof

    @Terence Watthens

  5. Not entirely sure if its gray or red. Great outcome though!

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