Monday, March 12, 2012

Rotunda roof is almost done.

I spent the better part of Saturday removing the old tin roof on the rotunda and rebuilding a slanted roof in its place. I had previously removed all of the decorative spindles and railing as they were mostly rotted. The roof had leaked quite a bit...mainly due to the fact that the old roof was flat...which is a big no-no. Flats roofs invite standing water and standing water rotts almost anything. In its place we secured the rotunda with new joist extensions extending out from the attic. We replaced any necessary floor boards and then secured strips of wood at an angle to allow water to flow AWAY from the house roof. We then re-sheeted it and it looks great. Yes...I will be replacing the decorative railing at some point. Here are the before and after pics.


  1. You're doing a great job in restoring this house! Fixing an old house is like adding another chapter to the story of a house, but its history must never be forgotten. It must have been a challenge for you to fix the roof, but I bet the results are beautiful.

    Santo Caridine

  2. With its overwhelmingly beautiful design and structure, this must be one of the most attractive parts of the house. If I was one of the neighbors, I wouldn’t hesitate to take a picture of this and because of its amazing architecture. Once the restoration is done, it would certainly look stunning.

    Rolf Matchen

  3. Judging by the pictures, this type of roofing is quite spacious. So, it would be hard if you don’t get help from experienced professionals. But this rotunda roof is simply gorgeous! It is like a canvas that is ready for some artistic ideas! I hope to see the outcome soon!

    Sierra Nordgren