Monday, April 16, 2012

Updates but no camera!

Hi Everybody! I cannot find my camera so I am sorry that I don't have new photos to show you of the work in progress. I will attach some old pics of areas that we are working on, tho. We have gutted all three bathrooms and I am in the process of drawing the layout of each. New plumbing will be going into each room. We have to replace the soil pipe (poop shoot) so I have decided to move one of the toilets. I have saved as much tile as I could in hopes of re-using or selling. We continue to patch and repair walls and ceilings.

I spent the weekend removing all of the west side basement windows (actually the lower sash), installing new treated lumber for the window sill, and preparing the window frame for cinder block. The block will eventually be covered by dirt. The old window wells are alligned with brick but have filled in over the years and I now have trees growing into my foundation. What a pain in the ass trying to cut all of this out without damaging the foundation any further! Its all done and am awaiting my mason (John Blair) to help me with the cinder block and mortar.

                                                MASTER BATHROOM

                                       GUEST BATHROOM

                                                    SECOND/KIDS BATHROOM


  1. I drove by this house every day, but didn't realize what a project it was until my coworker turned me on to this blog. Great work so far, look forward to following the progress!

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  3. Can't wait to see the finishing touches of each rooms. I will be back to see more updates! :)

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