Monday, April 2, 2012

One tree door up!

Thank you to all of the volunteers in helping me cut down the monster tree next to the house. Oh..wait...there weren't any...except for Michael. Thanks to Michael A....we made quick work of the tree in two days. Also...thank you to the Ebershoffs and Lafayette Tent And Awning who loaned me there mobile lift so that I could get some of this work done in quick fashion. Any time you guys want me to borrow your lift....I would be happy to! Here are some before and after pics of the tree...and now stump! The pic of the front of the house shows the tree to the left...right next to the house.

As for the window to door action, if looking at the first pic showing the front of the house, I knocked out the left window which is the dressing room off of the master bedroom and overlooking the roof of the front/side porch. The purpose of installing a door is to utilize the very large roof as a patio off of the master bedroom. Joan Ayers told me that they used to crawl out of the window and sunbathe on the I thought I would just make it easy and put in a door. I eventually will replace the railing that used to be up there and install a ceramic tile floor. To make sure that the roof would support the weight, we removed some covering to find that the entire porch roof is made up of very solid black walnut 2 X 8s extending from the interior house walls to the edge of the porch. This will add a lot of extra room to an already large house!

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