Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hallways, the Kitchen, a Butler's Pantry, and the Library!

I made some headway these past few days. Although it may not appear so from the fotos, I was able to clear out a lot of "stuff" from the kitchen and butler's pantry. I am always running across odd and/or unique items in the process. Like M50 military shells and an old laundry press/roller...that still works. Also, the house has an awesome "call system" for the maid which the box is located in the kitchen as well.

                                                        KITCHEN "BEFORE" FOTOS

                                            BUTLER'S PANTRY "BEFORE" FOTOS


There is ammunition and old shells all over the house. The Colonel certainly loved his weapons and ammunition. These are just a few found in the Butler's Pantry.

We removed a lot of old wall paper this weekend in the entry way and staircase hallways. We got the library dry-walled and I ran some electrical lines in the walls and baseboards. I also sanded down the brick chimney stack and it looks really good!

Andy from ZEBRA landscaping was over this weekend and has been going through a few boxes/items. He has graciously offered to cut the old trees and over-growth away from the thank you to Andy and his crew.

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