Monday, February 20, 2012

The Roof is 75% done!!!!!!

Good morning! We got a lot done this weekend. We continued to reinforce the roof by building knee-walls in the attic. But more importantly...we stripped off all three layers of shingles, removed all of the old nails, re-sheeted and tar-papered the entire roof this weekend! My guys are finishing some of the paper this morning and as soon as we know about our shingles...we are going to put those on immediately! I cannot tell you what a relief it is to know that this house is not going to leak any least not through the roof. I still have to test all of the water lines inside the house!

                                              BEFORE WE REMOVED THE TARPS AND SHINGLES

            THIS IS ME ACTUALLY WORKING ON MY ROOF (hard at work face)

                                 This is me faking it with a smile like I am REALLY enjoying my work!


  1. Yay! I'm glad that your roof is almost done. No more roof leaks, indeed. Great choice with the shingles, buddy. Eventually, all your hard work will result to a lovely home, and I am looking forward to that beautiful house you guys will be having.

    -Mariam Freame

  2. It was cold and dangerous working on that roof but I did a great job with one eye on the string line.... You are welcome Mr. Dekker and I have stopped smokeing but still enjoy watching other people work sorry i can't be their to watch you and your helpers finish the house

  3. I am glad you put a tarp on your roof for protection while you still haven't worked on it yet. Some forget to do so; not being mindful that any outdoor elements could add more damage to their roof. I saw the final outcome from your more recent blogs. You really did a good job!

    Elizabeth Hoffnung

  4. Tarpaulins are great coverings when you are in the process of working on the roof. You need it most when repairing a huge amount of damage on the roof. It can save your house interior and can prevent further damage. However, you have to work fast on those shingles because the protection provided by the tarpaulin won't last that long considering the weather condition in your location.

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